IVEDA Customer Acquisition Initiatives

  • Inside Sales Programs : While building a Client specific Competency Centre, IVEDA blends Pre-Sales and Lead Generation to identify, engage, nurture and mature , Suspects to Prospects to ensure Sales Readiness
  • Pre-Sales Collaborative Initiatives : IVEDA strategically aligns itself with an ISV and we co-build the engagement initiative. IVEDA offers the Marketing and Pre-Sales traction, the Partner Team supports the engagement with the technology and last mile sales support
  • Partner Marketing Centre : Partner(s) are adopted for Marketing support. IVEDA builds and executes the Go-to-Market strategy for Customer Acquisition and Revenue realisation in-line with the Partners' Business Plan
  • Vertical Marketing Centre : IVEDA initiates a Vertical specific market development engagement; while combing for un-served and under-served product placement opportunities across segments , geographies and functions
  • Co-Op Marketing Services : IVEDA collaborates with multiple OEM's targeting similar Audiences and Segments for Customer Acquisition
  • Lead Generation Campaigns : IVEDA generates Marketing Qualified Opportunities which are qualified on B.A.N.T.The Opportunities are identified & profiled for building a robust marketing funnel , aligned to our Clients campaign